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About the Resilience Training Program

The Resilience Coaching Program is conducted by leading self-care experts in Australia with extensive knowledge about best practice in hands-on and effective self-care strategies for sustainable mental health and personal performance capability.

What's Covered in Resilience Coaching

Resilience Workshop Delivery Format

The resilience workshop formats are customised and may vary from a half-day introduction to a complete 24-week program which includes:

Resilience Training For Managers - Background

Resilience and well-being should not just be something we reach for in a crisis, it should be part of our everyday lives. It is important employees are equipped with resilience and self-care tools to proactively develop resilience, invest in self-care and know how to respond when things don’t go to plan.

Most organisations give people phone numbers to call and places to visit when they are not feeling okay. But there’s a better approach – we must build individual and team resilience, take better care of ourselves and others and cultivate an environment that fosters open conversation. Hence, people feel safe to speak up, share their needs and build good habits into their daily routines and careers.

It is critical that workplaces create a culture in which resilience and self-care are promoted proactively. This creates resilient, high-performing and psychologically safe workplaces. It leads to reduced mental health injuries and a positive culture people want to be a part of. 

Why use Jonah Group for Resilience Training

Jonah Group’s experts know the need for resilience training for managers and well-being. They share their knowledge with people from the boardroom to the front line, driving real change in attitudes, behaviour and mindset – and ensuring safety and well-being.   In a world where more than 2 million die every year from work-related accidents and disease, safety is Jonah Group’s mission. Whether psychological or physical health and safety, mental health or physical safety, Jonah Group’s experts help people understand, teach people the science of decision-making, risk and human error risk and in doing so, help leaders create and help leaders build sustainable cultures of safety.   Jonah Group. Saving Lives. Protecting business. Read More

Resilience Training: The Key to Unlocking Workplace Potential

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, resilience training has become a vital component for success. More than just a buzzword, resilience is a set of skills and attributes that enable individuals and teams to adapt, overcome challenges, and thrive even in the face of adversity. Resilience training in the workplace is an investment in your organisation’s long-term success, helping to create a culture of well-being, productivity, and peak performance.

Resilience Training Australia: Pioneers in Employee Wellness

Australia has emerged as a global leader in the field of resilience training, with expert practitioners and cutting-edge programs designed to empower individuals and organisations alike. As pioneers in employee wellness, resilience training Australia combines the best of science-backed strategies and hands-on experience to deliver sustainable results. Whether through targeted resilience workshops or comprehensive resilience coaching, The Jonah Group Australia are experts committed to supporting organisations to create cultures of care, ownership, trust and accountability through developing resilience and self-care practices.

Resilience Coaching: Nurturing Personal Growth

At the heart of any effective resilience training program is personalised one-on-one resilience coaching. This support system helps individuals identify their unique strengths and challenges, providing tailored strategies to build resilience and cope with stress. Focusing on motivational and challenge support, resilience coaching empowers employees to create lasting change in their personal and professional lives, leading to a more harmonious and successful work environment.

Resilience Workshop: Tools for a Balanced Life

A resilience workshop is a powerful introduction to the principles and practices of resilience training. Covering topics like stress reduction, positive thinking, and healthy work-life balance, workshops offer employees the tools they need to cultivate resilience in their daily lives. By addressing real-life situations and providing practical strategies for implementation, resilience workshops lay the foundation for a more resilient, adaptable, and successful workforce.

Resilience Training for Managers: Leading by Example

Resilience training for managers is essential in today’s competitive business landscape. By equipping managers with the tools to effectively navigate stress, maintain their own well-being, and foster a supportive work environment, resilience training empowers leaders to guide their teams through challenges and change with confidence. Investing in resilience training for managers not only benefits individual leaders but also contributes to a culture of resilience and self-care throughout the organisation.

Employee Resilience Training: Building a High-Performing Workforce

Employee resilience training is more than just a benefit for individual employees – it’s a strategic investment in your organisation’s success. Employee resilience training helps create a healthier, more productive, and higher-performing work environment by fostering a culture of resilience, psychological safety, and well-being. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, resilience training in the workplace is the key to unlocking your organisation’s full potential. Read Less


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Resilience Coaching & Workshop - FAQs

Resilience training is a program designed to help individuals and teams develop the ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, and adapt to change in the workplace. It focuses on building mental and emotional strength to enhance personal and professional well-being.

The purpose of resilience training in the workplace is to improve psychological safety, workplace morale, productivity, and the physical and mental health of employees. It helps create a culture where self-care is accepted and encouraged, driving a healthy and high-performing work environment.

Resilience training in Australia is conducted by leading self-care experts with extensive knowledge about best practices in hands-on and effective self-care strategies. These experts are well-equipped to help employees develop sustainable mental health and personal performance capabilities.

Resilience coaching is a one-on-one support system designed to help individuals build resilience and develop self-care strategies. It involves motivational and challenging support to ensure a sustained change in personal and professional habits.

A resilience workshop typically covers topics like stress reduction, positive thinking, work-life balance, and real-life skill implementation. Workshops can vary in length and format, from a half-day introduction to a comprehensive multi-week program.

Resilience training for managers equips them with the tools to foster a supportive work environment and helps them effectively manage their own stress and well-being. This, in turn, allows them to lead their teams more effectively and promote a culture of resilience and self-care within the organisation.

Employee resilience training can lead to better psychological safety, improved morale, and increased productivity. By equipping your employees with self-care tools and fostering a culture of resilience, you can create a healthier, higher-performing work environment and prevent mental injuries in the workplace.