Resilience and Self-Care

A healthy employee is a better employee


About the program

The Resilience and Self Care Program is conducted by leading self-care experts in Australia with extensive knowledge about best practice in hands-on and effective self-care strategies for sustainable mental health and personal performance capability.

What's covered

Delivery format

Formats are customised and may vary from a half-day introduction to a complete 24-week program which includes:


Self-care should not just be something we reach for in a crisis, it should be part of our everyday lives. It is important employees are equipped with self-care tools to check in with themselves.

Most organisations give people phone numbers to call and places to visit when they are not feeling okay. But there’s a better approach – we need to have a more open conversation so people can understand their own wellbeing, build good habits into their daily routines and careers.

It is critical that workplaces create a culture in which self-care is accepted and encouraged to drive a healthy, high-performing environment and prevent mental injury in the workplace.

Why use Jonah Group

Jonah Group’s experts know mental health and have been supporting people facing mental health challenges in the workplace for more than 17 years. They share their knowledge with people from the board room to the front line, driving real change in attitudes, behaviour and mindset – and ensuring safety and wellbeing.

In a world where more than 2 million die every year from work related accidents and disease, safety is Jonah Group’s mission. Whether mental health or physical safety, Jonah Group’s experts teach people the science of risk and help leaders build sustainable cultures of safety.

Jonah Group. Saving Lives. Protecting business.


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