Mental Health Awareness for Employees

Learn the skills to handle workplace mental health issues


About the program

The Mental Health Awareness for Employees gives participants crucial knowledge and insights into the signs and impact of mental health in the workplace.

Employees learn how to understand and support someone struggling with their mental health or reach out for support if they need it themselves.

The program quickly creates a proactive and positive mental health culture, preventing further injury and improving overall performance.

The Mental Health Awareness for Employees program is conducted by leading mental health experts in Australia with extensive knowledge about best practice, current developments and expected future federal and state laws implementation and compliance requirements.

What's covered

Delivery format


Many organisations ignore mental health as a risk for their employees and their business. Others simply do not know what to do or how to put in place effective strategies to develop a mature Mental Health culture.

A change in behaviour in yourself or a colleague could be a sign that support is needed. A large majority of employees don’t know how to effectively support colleagues that may be experiencing poor mental health. This can result in silence, poor performance and workplace conflict as the person continues to decline in their mental health.

Why use Jonah Group

Jonah Group’s experts know mental health and have been supporting leaders facing mental health challenges in the workplace for more than 17 years. They share their knowledge with leaders from the board room to the front line, driving real change in people’s attitudes, behaviour and mindset – and ensuring safety and wellbeing.

In a world where more than 2 million die every year from work related accidents and disease, safety is Jonah Group’s mission. Whether mental health or physical safety, Jonah Group’s experts teach people the science of risk and help leaders build sustainable cultures of safety.

Jonah Group. Saving Lives. Protecting business.


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