Mental Health Critical Incident Protocol

Respond to critical mental health incidents the right way


About the program

Introduce a mental health critical incident protocol to your workplace and ensure you have a set procedure when responding to a person experiencing a mental health critical incident. The Mental Health Critical Incident Protocol program offers insights and considerations when building a protocol into your organisation.

Each different type of critical incident has its own recommended response to ensure the person is swiftly and effectively taken to qualified care and provided medical clearance before returning to work.

A mental health critical incident protocol removes guessing and reduces stress for first responders. It also creates a recovery pathway for a dignified and sustainable return to work.

Participants will learn practical systems for policy introduction, recommended critical responses during a crisis; and risk management reporting to improve ongoing risk mitigation with mental health in the workplace.


What's covered

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One in five people will suffer a mental health challenge in the workplace and many turn to their leaders and colleagues for a source of mental health support.

But employers responding in a reactive way to mental health incidents are unintentionally exposing their businesses to increased risk of further mental injury and prolonged Return to Work post incident.

Why use Jonah Group

Jonah Group’s experts know mental health and have been supporting leaders facing mental health challenges in the workplace for more than 17 years. They share their knowledge with leaders from the board room to the front line, driving real change in people’s attitudes, behaviour and mindset – and ensuring safety and wellbeing.

In a world where more than 2 million die every year from work related accidents and disease, safety is Jonah Group’s mission. Whether mental health or physical safety, Jonah Group’s experts teach people the science of risk and help leaders build sustainable cultures of safety.

Jonah Group. Saving Lives. Protecting business.


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