Safety and mental health training: online and on-demand


About the program

Digital training equips teams and leaders with the concepts from our core programs help them make better safety choices at work and in life.

All Jonah Group’s safety and mental health training and coaching programs can now be delivered online. We have developed interactive experiences including live-streaming workshops and self-paced e-learning programs.

Our redesigned programs include:

Our online live-streaming programs take the classroom into your device to create an interactive learning experience in a safe environment. Participants are supported by a range of tools, challenges and virtual coaching to ensure effective transfer of learning into the workplace that can have an immediate impact on safety and mental health in the workplace.

Delivery format


Uncertainty and change are constants in the workplace. COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes, both at work and at home. We are all learning to pivot but many face increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Traditional face-to-face training programs have been impacted and organisations face tough choices about who, what, when and how to develop workers and leaders at times where they need it the most.

Increased stress and anxiety cause safety and mental wellbeing risk. More than ever before, we need to find ways to support and care for our people.

But how can you develop your people in safety and mental health when they work remotely or across multiple sites? How do you embed or extend knowledge from past programs implemented? And how do you develop future capability given the challenges with face-to-face training? The answer is our e-learning solutions.

Why use Jonah Group

Jonah Group’s experts know safety. Not just because they have studied it – but because they have lived it.

In 1999, founders Nada and Robert Wentzel were involved in an horrific accident which left them burned and scarred. The accident led to a life-long inquiry to discover why smart people are capable of such mistakes.

Today, they share that knowledge with leaders from the board room to the front line, driving real change in people’s attitudes, behaviour and mindset – and ensuring safety and wellbeing.

In a world where more than 2 million die every year from work related accidents and disease, safety is Jonah Group’s mission. Whether mental health or physical safety, Jonah Group’s experts teach people the science of risk and help leaders build sustainable cultures of safety.

Jonah Group. Saving Lives. Protecting business.


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