Mental Health Cost Calculator​

Discover the financial impact of mental health on your business

Mental Health Cost Calculator

Assess the financial impact of mental health on your business with our comprehensive Mental Health Cost Calculator. This user-friendly tool provides instant insights into the costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover due to mental health issues in the workplace.

Mental Health Cost Calculator with Detailed Report
* The average salary in Australia is $98,217 (ABS, 2024)
* Research suggests businesses with a proactive mental health policy experience 70% fewer safety incidents. Gallup (2016) Q12 Meta Analysis

Even with moderate growth assumptions, projected mental health claims are set to double by 2030 and compensation costs are expected to triple in the same period (CEDA, 2022).

The average cost per serious mental health claim in Australia was $55,270 in 2020/21 compared to $13,883 for physical injuries or diseases (Safe Work Australia, 2022).

The evidence is compelling that businesses with proactive mental health programs have more productive, committed, and engaged workforces. Benefits of excellent employee engagement (top quartile business units) include experiencing 70% fewer safety incidents and improved profitability by 23% (Gallup, 2016).

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