Mining, Oil & Gas


Large global mining organisation consisting of open-cut & underground mines, refineries and smelters.

“Our safety leadership program dramatically improved performance in Safety, Production, and Morale. Our relationship with the union was transformed in a short space of time. “

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Drivers for Change


Jonah Group was engaged over 4 years to develop and deliver practical solutions
that transformed Safety Culture and Safety Leadership.

Safety Culture Diagnosis

Diagnosed the safety culture for all operations in Australia, Europe and the USA which provided a baseline to measure change, strengths & weaknesses, and informed the development of a practical, efficient and effective intervention strategy.

Safety Leaders Developed

Developed all employees at all levels as safety leaders through the Safety Leadership Development Program. Leaders were assessed prior to and after implementation of the intervention strategy through our Safety Leadership Scorecard™ process.

Increased accountability

Implemented a ‘Just Culture’ and provided practical tools to hold employees accountable in a firm but fair manner.

Intervention Program

Employees showed significant improvements in interrupting at-risk behaviour empowered by our Safety Conversations program using our CARE model to ensure sustainability.

The Result

Reduction in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
0 %
Reduction in Medical Treatment Injury Frequency Rate (MTIFR)
0 %
Participants strongly recommended the program
0 %
Leaders demonstrated a significant improvement in Safety Leadership Performance
0 %
General Managers improved their Safety Leadership Performance based on feedback from employees
0 %
Runner-up in the Workplace Safety Awards for the Safety Leadership Program
0 nd