Medical Industry


Fiona Stanley Hospital was the first new tertiary public hospital to open in Western Australia in more than 50 years and is the most technologically advanced health facility in Australia. Serco is the service provider for the hospital.

“My personal experience was a positive one - it was a timely reminder of needing to look after my broad wellbeing, in a focused way. The 2-degree shift approach helped make it easier to initiate and stick to small changes each day…it made a big difference"

Drivers for Change


A 24 week Executive wellness program was designed.  This included pre and post program measurement, skill development and individual coaching


The wellness of each leader was measured before and after the program to evaluate program impact.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching embedded program concepts and supported leaders to implement action plans.  It provided emotional support and feedback

Reconnect Session

The reconnect workshop held leaders accountable to implement change and further embed learnings through sharing of individual experiences.

Foundation 1 workshop

The foundation workshop focused on self-awareness, stressors, triggers, resilience and self care.  It was experientially based, dynamic and powerful.

The Result

Improvement in stress reduction: feeling calm and making conscious decisions
0 %
Improvement in work-life balance: having energy to do things you enjoy
0 %
Improvement in ability to re-charge: disconnect from work, rest and reset
0 %
Improvement in wellbeing and self-care; adjusting lifestyle to improve health
0 %
Improvement in ability to prioritise self-care and implement strategies
0 %
Reduction in overwhelm: feeling rested and energised
0 %