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“We really see and believe that management is on our team. They listen to our safety concerns and work with us to resolve them.”


Drivers for Change


Jonah group was engaged to work in partnership with the client to improve their safety performance through our Safety Transformation Blueprint.

Safety Culture Sensing Process

Completed a series of interviews, focus groups and assessments with leaders and workforce that generated a safety culture report. This was crucial to the development of effective improvement strategies.

Safety Leaders Group Benchmarking

Access to other organisations to assess impact of strategies and learnings to test the designed roadmap ensuring successful implementation and results.

Safety Engagement Program

Delivered a series of workshops specific to each level of the organisation that focused on influence, communication & support (management) intervention, meetings and behaviours (leaders); and awareness, ownership, & intervention on key mental risks.

Safety Leadership Scorecard

Leaders are assessed and coached on a confidential report of how well they are perceived to perform on 35 pre-defined safety leadership behaviours grouped into 4 competencies.

The Result

Reduction in Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) over a 12 month period
0 %
Strong improvement in the scores from Safety Audits over the same period
0 %
Employees report that they now feel the organisation genuinely cares about their safety
0 %
Employees would apply what they learned in their day to day job
0 %
Employees willing to intervene and take immediate action if they saw at-risk behaviour
0 %
Improved Safety Leadership Behaviours
0 %