Explosives and Chemicals


Duluxgroup is a manufacturer and marketer of a range of products including paint, industrial coating, fertilisers, construction chemicals, garage doors, window glazing and components for cabinets and furniture.

“I loved that the program challenged me and my beliefs, gave me insights into my safety leadership, and provided me with practical tools to make a real difference.”

Chemicals And Explosives

Drivers for Change


A Strategic Planning

Engaged with Duluxgroup to partner in developing an innovative, groundbreaking safety leadership program to disrupt the safety culture, through the birth of our 2° Shift methodology, and stimulate safety leadership performance.

Safety Leadership 1 Program

Over 150 leaders have participated in our extensive Safety Leadership Development Program with a focus on developing their skillset, challenging their mindset and providing a toolset. Leaders were assessed prior to and after implementation of the intervention strategy through our Safety Leadership Scorecard™ process.

Workforce Program

At their biggest production facility, all employees participated in our module based development process to improve risk awareness, increase the quality and quantity of safety conversations and improve incident reporting and investigations.

Safety Leadership 2 Program

Based on the success of the first SL Program and the ongoing willingness to challenge themselves, DuluxGroup has engaged The Jonah Group to develop a Safety Leadership 2 Program which will include topics like mindfulness and resilience.

The Result

Focus on reporting of hazards & near misses (General Learnings) in the last 5 years.
0 %
Reduction in serious near misses since 2010
0 %
Senior Leaders have now completed the Safety & Sustainability Leadership Development Program
Of participants would recommend it to others and will apply what they learned to their day to day job
0 %
Leaders scored improvements in Safety Leadership Performance in all four defined competencies
0 %
Safety Leadership Scorecard behaviours improved after completion of the program
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