The evolutionary reason we sometimes make mistakes

The evolutionary reason we sometimes make mistakes

We all make mistakes. Big or small, at some point we are each guilty of human error. Sometimes, our mistakes can be as simple as forgetting where we left the phone or accidently pouring the orange juice on the cereal when we’re distracted. Other times, our mistakes are more serious, like driving too fast and […]

How to lead your team through stress

Office workers

Elevated fear, irrationality and anxiety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic are normal human reactions to dealing with the unknown. But heightened emotions can create conditions that are ripe for low performance, high mental health stress and a breakdown in team culture. It’s more important than ever for leaders find ways to support their […]

Mental health for managers – the six traps you should avoid

Successful company with happy workers

A mentally healthy workplace can help your business – and your people – thrive. But your role as leader is critical. And unfortunately, as working from home starts to become an embedded part of our daily lives, the job of a manager supporting their team is getting harder. “How can we care when we’re not […]

Understanding complacency – the hidden risk in your business

Female office workers in the office

Texting while driving, jumping over a conveyor belt, a lack of housekeeping and running down the stairs in an office. What do they have in common? All of these undesirable human behaviours often share a common cause – complacency. Ironically, the more accomplished people are and the more routine their task, the more likely they […]

Elgas are no longer bottling it up

Bottled gas company, Elgas, held their annual Technical and Maintenance Conference in Victoria recently and Jimmy was delighted to attend as the keynote speaker on the subject of Mental Health in the workplace. Senior leader and contractors were able to explore this critical subject over 2 highly interactive hours and work through what they will […]

Influencing like Clarence

My family have been watching a few movies over the holiday season and I was particularly keen to see, for about the 100th time, one of my most favourite movies ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. An oldie but a goodie! Now, I won’t give away too much of the plot etc. but there is a scene where […]