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Safety is our mission

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We are a global industry leader, partnering with global organisations to achieve breakthrough results in safety, mental health and leadership.

At the Jonah Group, we work with you at a personal level to understand the DNA of your organisation. We deliver sustainable results by providing solutions that will become deeply embedded and thrive throughout your organisation. Our intent is authentic and our story personal. It stems from our founders’ personal experiences.

Director Nada Wentzel was working in the crisis management team at Esso Australia when the Longford incident occurred in 1998. Two people died and seven were severely burnt. She knew the people affected and saw the effects on the people around them both at work and at home.

Less than six months later, both Nada and Robert were themselves involved in a horrific personal accident. Nada suffered burns to 35% of her body, requiring several skin graft operations and months of rehab. It took her months to learn to walk again and 10 years to have the confidence to wear skirts without opaque stockings.

Nada says, “Rob and I were both mechanical engineers at the time working in high hazard industries. The incident involved camping; it wasn’t work-related. Logically, I can see how it could have been prevented, but when you’re exhausted, cold, hungry and distracted, nothing is logical. People have incidents because their brains are not always in logical mode. Safety is not rational. It is a complex weave of logic and emotion”

Nada Wentzel
Executive Director - Global Solutions

Our leadership team

Robert Wentzel

Managing Director

Robert founded The Jonah Group in 2003 underpinned by a belief that every human life is important, and everyone deserves access to live an extraordinary life. Rob’s approach is practical and nurturing. He started his career as a Mechanical Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry in Holland.

He is passionate about his family, AFL, diving and cheese. He looks forward to one day owning his own goat and making his own cheese whilst drinking a full-bodied Rioja.

Nada Wentzel

Executive Director – Global Solutions

Nada is a charismatic master coach, facilitator and international speaker. Her passion and energy are contagious. With qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience and Organisational Psychology, Nada brings a unique fusion of knowledge and experience.

Nada loves the beach, her fur baby, travelling with her family and volunteering her time working with young women to activate their dreams.

Jimmy Thomson

Operations Director

Jimmy has over 25 years international experience across a range of sectors including resources, power and manufacturing. His strong passion for leadership, team, safety and mental health and wellbeing development spans across four continents and many cultures.

Jimmy emigrated from his native Scotland to Sydney in 2003 and enjoys spending time at home with his wife and 2 young children, cooking, watching sport and re-discovering his passion for snooker.

Our values

Love what we do

We’re passionate and committed to making a difference and connecting people to the very essence of what it means to be human. We love what we do. We pour our hearts into helping people realise that the choices and decisions they make can save lives.

Authentic partnership

Gone are the days when a single person holds all the answers. Collaboration and collective mastery are a key part of how we work with each other and our clients. It’s why we’re known for generating results that thrive well after we’ve left the room.

Take ownership

We’re up to big things. Causing behavioural and mindset shifts requires muscle and resilience. It involves having the hard conversations, owning the results and delivering on our promises. It’s not always easy, but it is what our reputation is built on.

Respect your business

We value honesty, transparency and are super conscious of making sure you get absolute value for money. Our people are awesome. Each and everyone one of us acts as the owner of our business. We are accountable for actions and take pride in building strong and honest relationships. Sounds awesome? It is.

I think it's fair to say that the feedback on the Leading Safety Program has been nothing short of excellent. It certainly exceeded my expectations in terms of the feedback that we're getting and I really think it's created a momentum in the organisation. I see this evidence in many, many ways recently. From my perspective, The Jonah Group bring real world experience, real examples, and hold participants of the program accountable for their responsibilities to take that content that they're getting from the program applied to themselves and assist them in their safety journey.

Darryl Bell, General Manager Safety

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