Saving Lives,
Protecting Business

Safety & Mental Health excellence through people, process and organisational design

The world’s largest organisations trust Jonah Group to drive significant and measurable improvement in safety culture and mental health

Physical safety, psychological safety and mental health – we diagnose your challenge, customise a solution, train and coach your people, help leaders build a sustainable culture and develop your internal capability.

Reduction in TRIFR 60%
Willing to Intervene 93%
Improved Safety Leadership Behaviours 88%

More than 2 million people die from work-related injuries and diseases every year

We believe that number is way too high. We help the world’s biggest companies keep their people safe.

We are committed to delivering real results and making a lasting difference that fundamentally shifts the lives of the people we work with. We believe that every person has the right to live an extraordinary life and it starts with safety and mental health.


We had a very impactful experience with Jonah Group – their people are knowledgeable, passionate and easy to work with. Our partnership with them in seeking to develop our safety leadership capability and culture exceeded our expectations; it delivered measurable cultural change and improved safety performance. Importantly, many of our leaders experienced a significant personal and professional shift in the way they see and conduct themselves as safety leaders. 

Lance Tinney, Senior Vice President Health, Safety & Human Resources